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About Practical Packer

Practical Packer is an online store for tourists and travelers on the lookout for chic yet equally efficient items.


To supply key items that would make one's travel easier, lighter and more efficient without losing one's style.


Constantly traveling both famous and off-the-beaten tracks for years now, packing light without giving up style and comfort is something couple Paula and Charlie have somehow mastered.

Their friends have always asked them for tips on traveling in general, with packing always on top of the list. In 2012, they finally thought of putting up Practical Packer in hope of helping other people who want to travel practically but don’t know how or where to start. It took a year to develop and launch the project because some items needed to be sourced from different parts of the Philippines.

Budget travel companies have been making their way to the Filipino market in the last half decade, making it possible for many people to travel more. With this in mind, the couple would like to contribute in making traveling an ease for people who are starting to discover their love affair with traveling by helping them where it all begins: the art of packing.

Practical Packer is an online store that sells useful and tasteful travel products that the owners have tried and tested over the years. It integrates several travel brands for both seasoned and new travelers. It is not meant to supply all kinds of travel gears as big companies are already doing well in that field. It is meant to supply key items that makes one’s travel easier and lighter without losing one’s style. It also has a blog where tips on traveling and packing in general may be found.

Since Paula and Charlie are from the Philippines, most of the products are well adapted to the tropical setting. The couple acknowledges that packing for colder/ other settings require a different set of essentials that are not necessarily sold in their store.